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Personal Training in Guildford

The services we offer have been developed from years of coaching, pinpointing the specific practices that give clients useful and valuable resources to help them progress. For anyone interested in Personal Training in Guildford with Train Body Smart, they can explore the services below to get an idea what we can provide and why each is useful.

The Train Body Smart Mission

At Train Body Smart, we bridge the gap between Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training, allowing clients utilise the most effective research-backed training tools to improve athletic performance, quality of movement, overall health, and body composition. Our job is to ensure these training methods can be utilised by everyone, from high-level athletes to complete beginners embarking on their fitness journey.


“I believe a well-structured exercise regime can truly rejuvenate a person’s quality of life. Dedicating a small part of the day towards improving strength, mobility, or cardiovascular fitness goes a long way towards being robust to the injury setbacks, boosting daily energy, and staying out of the doctor’s office. We can all take ownership of our own health.”

Rupert Quiney MSc, Founder of Train Bodysmart

What is Strength and Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning is the practice of applying exercise science principles to prepare athletes to perform optimally at their sport, while reducing the risk of injury. The methods are primarily used to complement an athlete’s sporting endeavours, however we feel many of the principles can have tremendous benefits when applied within personal training sessions to improve long term health. 

Train Body Smart Quality

By using training implementations developed for strength and conditioning, all aspects of our personal training services are deliberately structured from start to finish to give the client the best chance of success. This starts from the information we collect during the consultation and initial movement assessments, through designing and implementing training programs to achieve progressive overload, all while logging session performances via the training app to ensure clients are progressing as we’d hope.

A similar process is used for an athlete during an off-season training program with needs of peaking for preseason or a big event. We see no reason why the approach for personal training clients should be any less, as the only main difference at the end of the day is the specific goals of the individual.

Is Strength and Conditioning appropriate for beginners?

We get this question a lot, and our belief is yes. The fundamental principles that help promote athletic performance or optimal health are similar for all, but some people are just at a different training age to others and their lifestyle may subject them to different demands.

For example, a professional rugby player will be subjected to repetitive high force contacts during a match. To reduce their risk of injury, their performance staff may want them to meet various strength standards to be confident they can endure the rigours of rugby, such as being able to back squat 2x their bodyweight (a common strength standard in rugby).

What if we have a 65 year-old client in for personal training sessions, with the main goal of preventing future injuries while doing lifestyle activities such as gardening or playing with the grandchildren? It’s still imperative to improve strength through the squat, as it's one of the foundational movement patterns for optimal health, but the load and variation can be adapted to suit the individual. In which case, the goal may be to goblet squat 1/3 x bodyweight with full range and control.

We believe the approaches developed in the world of strength and conditioning serve as the most efficient way for clients to reach their fitness goals, whether it be for weight loss, strength development, aerobic fitness, or general performance within daily life.


The services we offer have been developed from years of coaching, pinpointing the specific practices that give clients useful and valuable resources to help them progress. For anyone interested in Personal Training in Guildford with Train Body Smart, they can explore the services below to get an idea what we can provide and why each is useful.

Gym-Based Personal Training in Guildford

Our most affordable Personal Training Service is to train with us at one of our partnered gyms, our clients don’t require membership or guest pass for sessions booked with a Train Body Smart coach. 

For gym-based personal training sessions in Guildford, our coaches currently work out of Activzone Gym (GU1 1EZ) and Advance Performance Lab (GU3 3PE).

Home-Visit Personal Training in Guildford (and surrounding areas)

For some, gym environments can be intimidating or work-life doesn’t allow time for travelling to a gym. 

We offer home-visit personal training in Guildford and surrounding areas for these individuals. Costs are slightly higher due to the travel cost/time for each coach, but home visits are still preferred for many of our clients.

Online Training

To expand our reach, we offer online coaching ranging via remote programming through the training app we use companywide. 

In combination with regular check-ins via zoom and email/text support, this is the preferred approach for individuals that are more experienced and want to train more regularly in their own time. 

Nutrition Advice

Optimising nutrition is essential for any health and fitness related endeavour. 

We offer a range of nutrition services, from 30-minute nutrition consultations to complete nutritional programming from our accredited nutritionist in partnership with us. 

Personal Training for Disabilities

A further example of why strength and conditioning can be applied for everyone is the extensive work we do with the disability community.

The health benefits of being strong and fit apply for the disability community just as much as anyone else.

The key for them is how the personal training sessions can be adapted safely and specifically for them that allows them to develop strength and aerobic/anaerobic fitness, which generally leads to improved quality of life.

Read more on personal training for disabilities in our blog post.


what people say about us

“I've been training with Rupe since 2020 when I wanted help with strength training to prevent knee injuries when running. I hadn't used a PT before but I'm happily able to run when I want now without any problems, so it's been worth it. The all-round training that Rupe provides has also helped reduce back trouble from desk work as well as general strength. Rupe is good at targeting specific areas while balancing that with a broad range of exercises. He also brings good humour and a relaxed atmosphere!”

Andrew C (44), Guildford

Personal Training (Gym)

“I have been training with Rupert for a couple of years now and have really noticed the difference in my strength and conditioning. Rupert makes exercising fun, so I look forward to each session. I would definitely recommend Rupert as a PT.”

Kirsty S (48), Shalford

Personal Training (Home-Visit)

“Rupert brings a sense of humour every week, along with his car boot full of equipment and rises to the challenge of putting 5 menopausal women through their paces, to the soundtrack of their younger years, skilfully negotiating his way through the ever changing panoply of ailments and injuries we present him with, refusing to let us off the hook!”

Katrina W (50) , Shalford

Personal Training (Home-Visit)

Train Body Smart Benefits

We believe the benefits of training with us are endless, but below are some of the key benefits that are included as standard for Train Body Smart clients because we feel they are essential for the most effective training experience. 

Free Consultations

The client-coach relationship is vitally important in personal training. We want clients to get to know us as much as possible prior to committing, and the information that we gain is essential to understanding the client’s needs.

Movement Screening

Evaluating a client’s readiness to train through foundational movement patterns is essential before embarking on personal training. The data collected helps us to develop the ideal program for the client depending on their biomechanical tendencies.

Access to our Training App

All clients are invited to create an account on the training app we use companywide (Train Heroic). This allows us to easy program sessions ahead of time, record training data, and allows monitoring client progress over time.

Coach Communication Channels

We get to see clients for a very small portion of their week, so its easy to miss key information that can help or hinder the training process. We encourage clients to contact coaches as regularly as they need with any questions or feedback around how they feel regarding training. We will always get back to clients as swiftly as we can.