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At Train Body Smart, we bridge the gap between Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training, allowing clients utilise the most effective research-backed training tools to improve athletic performance, quality of movement, overall health, and body composition. Our job is to ensure these training methods can be utilised by everyone, from high-level athletes to complete beginners embarking on their fitness journey.

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Train Body Smart Services

The services we offer have been developed from years of coaching, pinpointing the specific practices that give clients useful and valuable resources to help them progress. For anyone interested in Personal Training in Guildford with Train Body Smart, they can explore the services below to get an idea what we can provide and why each is useful.

Gym-Based Personal Training

For gym-based personal training sessions in Guildford, our coaches work out of Activzone Gym and Advance Performance Lab.

Home-Visit Personal Training

We offer home-visit personal training in Guildford and surrounding areas for these individuals.

Online Training

We offer online coaching ranging via remote programming through the training app we use companywide.

Nutrition Advice

We offer a range of nutrition services, from 30-minute nutrition consultations to complete nutritional programming.


what people say about us

“I suffer with Cystic Fibrosis and have always hated exercise. We had tried everything up to this point, but nothing seemed to stick. When looking for PT’s, we eventually found Rupe. And he’s been my trusted trainer ever since. The main aim was to improve my cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength to aid quality of life around my condition. Both my doctors and family can attest to significant improvements in these areas, providing benefits for my physical and mental health. Somehow, Rupert can endure my constant chatting while still teaching me how to enjoy exercise. Considering where I started, that is no mean feat. I would recommend Rupert to anyone who will listen. He’s a positive, funny, and a literal larger than life character who my whole family would consider a friend (especially our dogs).”

Maisie G (20), Farnham

Personal Training (Home-Visit)

“I have lived with chronic knee pain for 40 years due to ligament ruptures and repeated surgeries. To try and hold off knee replacement surgeries as long as possible, I began training with Rupe twice a week in 2016. We are now six years on, and I question if I will need surgery at all. He has found a way for me to train around my pain and movement limitations, allowing us to strengthen my legs without the knees incurring further damage. As a result, I’m able to withstand a more functional lifestyle without the same wear and tear or discomfort in my knees. I would recommend anyone with a chronic ailment to try training with Rupe, it has secured me at least six years (and likely more) without resorting to surgery, a worthy investment.”

John R (70), Guildford

Personal Training (Gym)

“Feeling low and demotivated, in need of rekindling my interest in my fitness and enthusiasm for sports again, which I had always enjoyed in the past. Working with Rupert since 2015, I feel more agile, flexible, supple, all while improving my strength. The sessions give me enough confidence continue exercising at home daily without a coach’s guidance. He is always mindful of ongoing ailments but will accommodate something I would like to work on too. He is always encouraging and patient, maintaining a sense of humour. Although there are days I don’t feel like training, he ensures I come away feeling it’s time well spent, giving me energy for my day. Long may it continue. I feel positively about supporting Rupert and Train Body Smart, I would (and have) recommended Rupert to friends & family.”

Mary R (68), Guildford

Personal Training (Gym) & Nutrition Advice

“I have always enjoyed fitness and exercise and regularly attended classes. However, meeting Rupert and having my own personal trainer has been the icing on the cake. My son introduced me to Rupert 2 years ago and I have been training with him regularly ever since. My posture, strength and confidence have greatly improved. Rupert has encouraged me to lift weights that I never thought I could and worked parts of my body never worked before. He explains what and why we are exercising, and he makes training fun. I have complete confidence in him and look forward to our sessions.”

Carol HB (70), Woking

Personal Training (Gym & Home-Visit)

“Rupe was my PT for over 4 years, starting back in 2017. He would still be my first choice had I not moved away. Initially I chose him due to his convenient location and reasonable charges, but his affable and friendly approach played a big part in making me stay. He quickly learnt how to motivate me and always made our workouts challenging, yet great fun too. He helped me gain an insight to my personal strengths and weaknesses and under his expert guidance, I met many of my goals. My fitness improved, I lost weight and changed my body composition. I particularly loved the strength elements of our workouts, with deadlifting becoming my personal favourite! I have witnessed Rupe's adaptability when working with other clients and would definitely recommend him to others.”

Jan D (64), Guildford

Personal Training (Gym & Home-Visit)
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